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Concentration and cooking boule

The boule have always been considered the finest processing system in the production of tomato-based products, jams, sauces, ketchup, grape must, balsamic seasoning and much more.

Thanks to the vacuum processing they allow to concentrate, cook and de-aerate the product at lower temperatures ensuring a final product of excellent quality able to preserve its original organoleptic properties.

It also allows to add ingredients, control the Brix and pH index and pasteurise. For a more efficient automation the process is managed by a PLC with touch-screen interface.

Cooking tank

The cooking tank is one of the most widespread machines in the food industry as it lends itself to many different applications. According to the product to be treated it can be finished with different levels of automation and accessories.
It is possible to opt for manual loading or to use trolleys, have flow meters and load cells, interspaced heated by steam or diathermic oil, fixed or tilting type and with vertical or horizontal stirrer.
In addition they can be mounted on platforms where the loading and unloading is done automatically with the ability to control the mixing through a PLC with touch-screen interface.

Sterilizers, pasteurizers & tubular heat exchangers

The sterilization or pasteurization is the thermic process of heating and cooling food products in order to increase their preservation compared to the fresh product.

This is obtained by running the product through heat exchangers which can be tubular, with scraped surface or with plates (made of overlapping metal plates, on which runs on one side the liquid to be treated, on the other side a heated fluid).

New technologies allow to precisely adjust the temperature and the time of exposure, leading to treatments at higher temperatures for a limited period of time. These systems vary according to the product and must be sized accordingly to the temperatures and flow rates.

Scambiatori di calore

Gli scambiatori di calore vengono impiegati per trattare termicamente prodotti liquidi come mosto e vino ma anche prodotti altamente viscosi come nettari, puree di frutta e creme. Lo scambiatore di calore tubolare è costituito da una serie di tubi concentrici orizzontali montati uno sopra l’altro e fissati ad una struttura portante in acciaio. Il prodotto trattato (fluido di processo) scorre attraverso il tubo più interno mentre il liquido scaldante/ refrigerante (fluido di servizio) passa nell’intercapedine tra i due.
Il condotto nel quale viene fatto scorrere il prodotto subisce uno specifico trattamento che ne corruga la superficie interna allo scopo di creare una maggiore turbolenza al passaggio del fluido potenziando lo scambio termico.

Resting tanks

These buffer tanks allow to preserve homogeneity and temperature of a prepared product in presence of long discharging phases, being able to dose homogeneously the product during the filling stage.

The product level inside the tank is controlled by sensors that directly manage the process of loading and unloading according to the requirements imposed by the machines placed upstream and downstream.

In some cases it can be used as a mixer to uniform batches of similar products, the wide range of agitators allow to treat essentially any type of product. Our horizontal resting tanks are made of stainless steel AISI 304 and AISI 316 (except for specific customer requirements) and can be cylindrical or trough.

Defreezers & heaters with heated rotating coil

The need to achieve more efficient production plants without investing in new processing lines has led to the realization of these tanks that once integrated into an existing production line increases the productivity. Flexible and very performing it can easily be integrated into existing plants, compared to other machines has the advantage to have a wide surface that allows to treat a considerable amount of product in a short period of time.

Built in stainless steel AISI 304 and AISI 316 it is ideal for mixing, defrosting and pre-heating diced or whole fruits and vegetables. Mixing, dosing and heating are controlled through a PLC which allows to replicate the process automatically.

The control over the dosage is performed by load cells or flow meters. In addition to the rotating coil which allows to optimally treat any type of product it includes an outer structure that mixes and homogenizes the product.

Pro Cut

Cuts, blends, cooks at temperatures up to 120° or vacuum cook, homogenizes, concentrates and cools the product in a single cycle. Completely run by the Inox Fer V1.0 software.