Mixing plant for Gloster Konzerv (HU)

Founded in 1993 in Máriapócs (Hungary), Gloster Konzerv is a canning company that produces and processes different vegetables such as beetroot, pickles and tomato, and canned fruit.

Despite the economic crisis, in 1998 it arrived on the Russian market, considerably increasing its production. Following these successes, today Gloster Konzerv is the first producer on the Hungarian market for processed products.

Inox-Fer built two systems for the mixing, storage and transfer of brine. This plant processes 10000 lt / h thanks to two atomized mixing units consisting of a tank on load cells. It is connected by a pump to the powder supply line. As required by the customer, Inox-Fer then integrated two scales for weighing smaller ingredients and ensuring precision. The heating of the product for hot filling is permitted by two steam tubular exchangers. The result is a versatile plant that mixes brine, syrup and tomato sauce.

Since Inox-Fer always pays attention to the customer’s needs and compliance with deliveries, in May our technicians went to Hungary for the start-up of the plant.

More info about Inox-Fer Mixing Plant

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