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An Italian company producer of organic products with fruit and vegetable proteins contacted us to solve plum fruit puree mixing problems. Fruit puree is cooked food, that has been ground, pressed, blended or sieved to the consistency of a creamy paste or liquid. It is possible to distinguish concentrated purees according to the quantity of water contained in them and variable, also, based on the type of fruit of departure. Plum puree is a thick ingredient consisting of a liquid and solid part that encounters problems of mixing with vegetable fiber, products that tend to separate due to their properties.


The customer asked for a complete dispersion of fiber in the puree without the mixing damaging the natural consistency of the product. At this point a solution was designed with appropriate tests to meet these needs.


First of all, a TMV mixing system, suitable for treating products with high viscosity, was supplied to the customer for a tough ingredient such as plum puree.

Subsequently the tank was equipped with a special stirrer to complete the mixing and avoid the stratification of product inside.

High viscosity values ​​have also made it necessary to integrate a special pump.

Successivamente il serbatoio è stato dotato di uno speciale agitatore per completare la miscelazione ed evitare la stratificazione di prodotto al suo interno.

Gli alti valori di viscosità hanno inoltre reso necessaria l’integrazione di una speciale pompa.


The dosage of liquid and solid ingredients is supervised by the customer’s PLC which controls the weight thanks to the positioning of the tank on load cells, excluding human error.

Are you looking for a system able to solve your fruit puree mixing problems? 


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