Case History – balsamic glaze increase production with mixing system

The balsamic glaze is the result of the blend of Balsamic Vinegar IGP and a sweetener, such as honey, maple syrup, or brown sugar. The sweet and sour taste makes this product one of the best dressing for meat, fish, cheese and even dessert. The topping can satisfy a large group of final customers offering the same features of the Balsamic Vinegar but with an affordable price.

Client’s need

Several years ago, we have studied and developed with one of our historical customers a complete balsamic glaze production plant. Nowadays this cutting-edge technology makes us leader in this field.

The customer had the following needs:

–        Introduce a new product

–        Diversify his products offer in order to reach several segments of customers

What we have realized

To produce the Balsamic Glaze is necessary to add other ingredients such as sugar and various thickeners. These highly viscous components are dissolved with TMV mixing system in order to obtain a homogenous Balsamic glaze. The internal special conformation of the mixing chamber breaks all lump guaranteeing an optimal result. We have developed a production plant with the mixing station and the next thermal conditioning for product pasteurization. Furthermore, to obtain a continuous preparation cycle we have integrated 2 storage tanks with the function of “lung” for the filling machine.  

Why it has been a success

In this way, the customer is able to produce a high-quality product, following the production target.

More information about mixing systems for balsamic glaze

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