Remote support for food production

Remote support is one of the most important innovations for the food production sector and beyond. It is a technical assistance mode operated remotely or a distance from specialists that allows you to transfer distances and eliminate technical travel. Also provide electronics-related problems by finding the origin of the problems and providing an immediate solution. In this way there is a reduction in costs which today are considered superfluous.

Remote support systems control the intervention on remote equipment as if they are connected directly to your company with a great saving on assistance and maintenance costs. With this support, the information collected can be used and processed to have real-time visibility of all the elements of the machine and of the production process. This is a decisive advantage, which guarantees preventive maintenance and the possibility of immediate intervention in case of criticality.

Furthermore, remote support provides the use of the data necessary to improve a whole series of aspects that are part of the smart factory,. These are the optimization of production flows, adaptive flexibility and integration.

Remote support is an activity that is part of the extraordinary innovation brought by industry 4.0. Industry 4.0 is a process resulting from the fourth industrial revolution that is leading to the industrial production of everything automated and interconnected. Inox-Fer offers its customers the possibility of integrating not only the remote assistance to solve any problems but also the traceability of the batches capable of intercepting the wrong production batch and discarding it before it enters the market.

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