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Nowadays sauces production companies deal with several industrial cooking problems. Offering a traditional product following an industrial production standard is the goal of many enterprises.

This scope generates the first problem, how to produce a traditional product with high quality on industrial scale? For example, Ragout production is the result of a long cooking that gives to this sauce a unique taste. The first step of the traditional recipe consists of browning a small quantity of carrots, onions and celery in oil. How can we maintain intact this step on industrial production?Choosing a cooking tank built with 2 heating chambers is the best solution. The bottom chamber is designed for Sauté Production with the possibility to reach high temperatures in a few minutes. The top chamber is dedicated for the complete cooking with meat and tomato paste. In this way, the organoleptic characteristics are preserved, and the result is like homemade ragout.

Product stratification is another problem for sauces production companies. To solve this tricky issue, the cooking tank is equipped with an agitator with scraping paddle guaranteeing a constant product mixing from the top to the bottom. The installation of this components avoids burnings on the bottom of the vessel, as well.

Inox-Fer offer cooking tank to solve this type of problems and more that the customer meets during his production. For our company, every problem has a solution.

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