To Us Mixing is an Art

based on Years of Experience and Passion.


Standard Mixing Systems

Inox-Fer offers Standard Mixing Systems able to perfectly mix multiple types of ingredients, starting with low viscosity products to a wide range of products that including those that are highly difficult to dissolve.

Consisting of a tank and hopper, they are the ideal solution for companies looking for a simple but at the same time functional solution with the possibility of customization.
The principle of operation consists of a centrifugal pump that sucks fluid from the tank creating a double Venturi effect under the hopper. The product contained in the hopper is sucked into the liquid at a very powerful rate in order to ensure a perfectly homogeneous mixing result. Once the product is dissolved the mixture is kept in recirculation inside the tank for a few minutes and is then transferred to transferred to the point of use by the same pump.


Standard Mixing Systems are suitable in 2 versions:
TMV Powder Mixer series for high viscous blends
DR Powder Mixer series for lowly viscous blends

Some available options for Standard Mixing Systems:

Tank Capacities 300 to 5000 liters

Heat Exchanger for thermal conditioning

Touch Screen Operator Interface with customized recipes

CIP washing system for sanitation

Internal Agitator

Ammonia refrigeration (ASME certification)

Loading Cell Weighing System