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ProCut Omni

The Electric Heating Cooking Kettle For Small Production

ProCut OMNI is the Electric Heating Cooking Kettle dedicated to small and medium companies that require the benefits of advanced processing equipment without large production output requirements and cost.

ProCut OMNI is versatile and can cut, mix, vacuum cook, cool and emulsify a wide array of products.

Ideal for food business operators producers who are looking for ease of use and a Electric Heating Cooking Kettle capable of providing increased production and efficiency.

There are four proposed models: 20 and 40 liters.

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Why ProCut Omni Electric Heating Cooking Kettle is right for You?

Magnetic Induction Technology

Most Cooking Mixers on the market require the use of steam and the purchase of a steam generator system to operate. This additional piece of equipment results in greater investment and maintenance costs for customers. ProCut OMNI offers the alternative. The induction heats the water which in turn heats the product, in this way the heating process is slower, and the product is cooked to the precise time and temperature. This innovative approach to heating allows to obtain a better energy efficiency, cost reduction, and return on investment.

Respect for the environment and energy saving

ProCut OMNI Cooking Mixer is designed to offer a substantial energy savings compared to machines that use steam. This also leads to greater protection and with respect to the surrounding environment.

Minimum maintenance

ProCut OMNI Cooking Mixer requires a minimum maintenance to allow the operator to work without constant interruptions.