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TMV Powder Liquid Mixer

Inox-Fer TMV Powder Liquid mixer can rapidly dissolve a large number of additives with different kinds of liquids by utilizing a powerful process resulting in a completely homogeneous mixtures. TMV Solid Liquid mixer is designed to work with highly viscous blends and will efficiently dissolve ingredients such as starches, proteins, pectin and caseinates.

TMV Solid Liquid mixer can be equipped with a simple tank (take a look at standard mixers) or can be equipped with several accessories and high level of technology (take a look at ProMix).



Mixing times are very short with the TMV Powder Liquid Mixer. The dispersion and solubilization of ingredients are nearly instantaneous. Sugar and salt are crushed and incorporated immediately. No lumps are formed and the problem of those harder granular ingredients that do not dissolve and tend to settle on filters of any other subsequent processing stage is eliminated.

Operating principle of TMV Powder Liquid Mixer

Thanks to the depression generated by the underlying centrifugal pump and the force of gravity, powders are conveyed from the hopper to the opening of the centrifugal pump chamber entrance, where they meet the liquid, which enters tangentially.

Inside the chamber, at this point, the centrifugal force generated by the rotating blades mixes and pushes the blend through a specially designed honeycomb filter that atomizes the mixture homogeneously, avoiding clots.

Since this breaking up takes place in the pump’s chamber, further in-line powder mixers or additional tools are not generally required. A second pump for recirculation, or for transferring the blend to another point in the facility or line, is not needed*.

* In some cases, the high density of the blend and / or long transferring distances (generally greater than 30 feet) may require the use of a second pump, sized according to specific needs.

TMV Powder Liquid Mixer Technical features

  • Honeycombed net ring for atomizing the blending without lumps
  • Ergonomic powder loading. The hopper height and the sack holding structure has been designed to facilitate the operator in feeding in the ingredients
  • Manual butterfly intake valve with nine opening positions
  • Equipment mounted on four adjustable feet
  • Fixed bag holder by the hopper

TMV Powder Liquid Mixer Benefits

  • Homogenous mixing without clots of any kind. It all happens with a substantial reduction of the mixing time
  • Dispersion and solubilization are instantaneous
  • Ingredients are crushed and incorporated immediately
  • Further in-line powder mixers or additional tools are not required
  • Second pump for recirculation or for transferring the blend is not needed

Available options:

AISI 316L contact surfaces

Automatic valve for powders intake

Spray ball for powder mixer sanitation mounted on hopper cover

Internal lump breaker grid for hopper

Lump breaker rotating shaft (mounted inside the hopper)

Vibrator for hopper

TMV Powder Liquid Mixer Technical data

* Data subject to variation depending on the products dissolved and working conditions

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