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inox-fer team

Behind each of our food processing plants are the people who studied, designed and built it.

Massimo Ravazzini

Massimo Ravazzini

Key attributes: helpfulness and expertise.

After extensive evaluation consultancy, Massimo works together with companies on the feasibility study for each project.

Matteo Morotti

Process Engineer
Matteo Morotti

Key attributes: innovative spirit and foresight.

Matteo always finds the right solution for every company and production process: from optimising the flow sheet to achieving ambitious goals.

Andrea Iori

Customer assistance
Andrea Iori

Distinctive traits: craftsman’s expertise and punctuality.

You can count on Andrea’s prompt intervention even in urgent situations.

Massimiliano Corrieri

Purchasing Department
Massimiliano Corrieri

Key attributes: initiative and communication

Massimiliano takes care of the procurement process for essential components.

Barbara Beneventi

Marketing Office

Key attributes: organisation and commercial expertise

Barbara takes care of customer relations, from the pre-sales phase to project configuration. Languages spoken: Italian and English.

Anna Savigni

Annamaria Savigni

Key attributes: experience and availability

Anna is the person to contact for all administrative information.

HOW we work

Our ongoing commitment is to keep the promise of quality that we make to customers who choose us.