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How we work

Your goals will become our goals

Our strength lies in maximum customisation of every plant.

We have a flexible structure, ready to support food processing companies in developing their processes. The real difference, however, are our people: high-level technical training, problem solving and a collaborative approach allow us to achieve the expected results.

We work closely with companies to create food processing plants that meet production targets.

After carefully mapping the requirements, we design the most appropriate solution in terms of production volumes handled, production efficiency and desired characteristics of the end product. The final layout of the plant must meet functionality requirements by optimising available space.

Design and


Once the plant is built and delivered, we are a point of reference for everything related to its operation. Inox-Fer technicians can give essential instructions to the personnel in charge of operating the machinery.

Our plants are made to last: the average life cycle is 20 years. We will be your point of reference for routine maintenance and any spare parts needed over time.


A few real-world examples

Take a look at a few projects where Inox-Fer equipment has made a difference.