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Industrial process kettles

Process kettle

Industrial production follows developments in people’s lifestyles and eating habits. This is why today, both in the industrial sector and on the shelves of the mass retail trade, we find a wide range of ready-to-use preparations. For production companies, it is strategically important to choose a process kettle that preserves the raw material and enhances the finished product.

building Industrial process kettles

Batch cooking systems

Inox-Fer cooking systems are distinguished by cooking methods: vacuum or atmospheric pressure. Each machine can be customised according to specific production needs.

Industrial vacuum kettle

cooking method: vacuum

The concentration kettle is ideal for the production of jams, marmalades and condiments. Vacuum processing allows the product to be concentrated, cooked and deaerated at low temperatures (45-50°C). Compared to a traditional cooker, it reduces cooking time and is better at preserving the organoleptic properties of the ingredients, ensuring a final product of excellent quality.

rotating coil concentrator

To handle larger production volumes at a higher cooking speed, an alternative solution is the rotating coil concentrator. It allows large quantities of sauces, jams and gravies to be thawed and cooked using the same principles as the concentrator kettle.

Industrial process vacuum kettle
Industrial process steam jacketed kettle

Steam jacketed kettle

cooking method: at atmospheric pressure

The cooking kettle is ideal for batch cooking and mixing tomato purées, sauces, ragouts and various condiments under atmospheric pressure.

A few real-world examples

Take a look at a few projects where Inox-Fer equipment has made a difference.

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