Enter the INOX FER world and you will find a full range of food processing solutions, and you will have the answer you’ve been looking for.
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Food Processing Technology tailored to Your Needs

From the very beginning, all our efforts in research and continuous technological innovation in our products have been aimed to the achievement of one goal: offering every customer the best solution – a solution tailored to their needs.


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Mixing Systems

Custom Inox-Fer Mixing Systems can rapidly mix multiple kinds of additives with a liquid utilizing a powerful process resulting in completely homogeneous finished products.

ProCut Cutter

ProCut is a complete solution for food processing featuring all the capabilities. Industrial ProCut can produce a wide range of products quickly and reliably with superior results.

Cooking Systems

Inox-Fer offers a wide range of machines dedicated to atmospheric or vacuum cooking for the production of multiple types of food, such as jams and sauces.

Production Lines

Customized production lines for fruit, tomato, ketchup, nectars and other products.


Creating value that produces innovation

No two machines are the same because no two customers are the same.
Call us for an analysis of your problem, you will find the tailor solution you are looking for.