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Food processing cookers

ProCut - Food processing cookers from raw material to finished product

Our ProCut line is designed to encompass the entire process. The plants are differentiated according to production volume and cooking method.

food processing cooker ProCut Industrial

ProCut Industrial

steam heating process

This is the industrial plant designed and built by Inox-Fer for medium to large companies. Ideal for the production of sauces and creams, the ProCut Industrial can

  • cut;
  • mix;
  • cook up to 120°C
  • homogenise
  • concentrate;
  • cook in a vacuum;
  • cool the product.


heating process using a superheated water unit

This is the system designed and built by Inox-Fer for small to medium-sized companies taking their first steps towards industrialising their processes. A comprehensive solution, requiring no further investment to complete the processing cycle. A superheated hot water unit integrated in the plant is used for vacuum cooking.

Automation, technology and high quality materials for a plant comparable to the ProCut Industrial in terms of functionality, but for lower production volumes:

  • 60 litres
  • 100 litres.
food processing cooker ProCut Easy

Application examples

Each sector has its own specific requirements. Here are just a few fields of application in which our ProCut have been used successfully.


For the production of:

  • tomato sauce;
  • pesto genovese;
  • shrimp sauce;


For the production of:

  • cheese cream;
  • truffle cream;
  • asparagus cream.


Of various kinds

A few real-world examples

Take a look at a few projects where Inox-Fer equipment has made a difference.

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