There are several ways to produce barbecue sauce depends on the client’s request.
An innovative method is Inox-Fer mixer with a numerous benefits for companies.
This system has been designed to put at first position the client’s goals in terms of product and equipment.

Mixer features

  • The preparation system for barbecue sauce is equipped with a dissolving unit TMV INOX-FER able to dissolve rapidly the ingredients that results in a completely homogenous mixture
  • Dissolving speed reaches up to 7700 lbs/hr – 3500kg/h with a final viscosity product of 850 cps
  • Minor ingredient scale that allows the customer to weigh under 5 kg with no margin for error, integrated directly on the hopper surface
  • Introducing ingredients at waist level so the operator can comfortably dump the ingredients with less physical exertion
  • Liquid & powder loading, recirculation, discharge and washing phases are automated thanks to the integration of electro-pneumatic valves
  • To guarantee a high level of hygiene the cover is entirely welded. The tank is completely washed with 360 ° spray ball and equipped with an inspection hatch
  • Tube-chest heat exchanger in order to heat the solution during the recirculation at the desired temperature
  • Interactive and touch-screen control panel to check all phases, change the parameters when requested and save recipes


  • The product is homogeneous and has no lumps
  • The color of the solution is comply with that requested by the customer (due to correct oil emulsion)
  • No incorporation of air thanks to the automated system of ingredients suction
  • Batch times are reduced, while ingredients are metered in through the hopper and physical labor is lessened, all of which enhance productivity and profits
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