Inox-Fer’s Powder Induction System is the right solution to help address production safety issues.

SAFETY PROBLEM: Introducing Dry Ingredients From Above The Hopper

  • Many mixing systems in the past required someone who could lift, carry, and dump heavy bags of dry ingredients into a Hopper all day long. Naturally, this activity can lead to numerous injuries for the operator and subsequent production and process failures and delays, not to mention the possibility of poor ingredient hydration and the introduction of dust into the air.
  • The Inox-Fer Powder Induction System is ergonomically designed for introducing ingredients at waist level so the operator can comfortably dump the ingredients with less physical exertion. This attention to operator safety is an Inox-Fer advantage over our competitors and a best practice solution for our customers.
  • The Inox-Fer Powder Induction System is connected directly to the mixing tank thereby simplifying ingredient introduction and eliminating cumbersome and complicated manoeuvres. Next, the ingredients in the Hopper are forcefully drawn in and pushed into the liquid at a very powerful rate, thus ensuring a perfectly homogenous mixing of the products.  Batch times are reduced, while ingredients are metered in through the Hopper and physical labor is lessened, all of which enhance productivity and profits.

SAFETY PROBLEM: Accidental Introduction Of Foreign Components

  • Traditional mixers are equipped with internal agitators to assist in the homogenous dissolution of the ingredients. By unloading powders and dry ingredients from above the Mixing Tank there is always a risk of a bag falling into the tank which stops production and leads to the introduction of foreign materials to the recipe.
  • Furthermore, if we again consider the physical effort by the operator to introduce a bag of ingredients from considerable heights and the time necessary for this action, it leads to slower production cycles with traditional mixers and a greater risk of ingredient contamination.
  • The Inox-Fer Powder Induction System overcomes these safety problems and guarantees a continuous and smooth production cycle. Inox-Fer mixers are the right solution because they are designed without any parts inside the Hopper which is also equipped with an internal grid to prevent the possibility of any arm and hand injuries. This grid also aids in the breaking up of clumps from introduced ingredients.


Dust in the air can cause breathing problems for personnel and damage to equipment parts. By dumping ingredients from above, air quality and the manufacturing environment are adversely affected.  The Inox-Fer Powder Induction System reduces the negative impact of dust introduction and creates a safer, more worker friendly, production facility