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Industrial vacuum cookers: exploring new recipes, making béchamel sauce

Let's test the potential of ProCut Easy

In our laboratory, we combine culinary art with industrial efficiency. We are passionate about experimenting with new recipes and we are lucky enough to be able to count on the ProCut Easy line of industrial cookers as precious allies. Our expert technologist has devised several recipes to optimize the performance of the machinery, guaranteeing our customers efficient processes and reducing waste to a minimum.

Personalization and Creativity with food processing systems

The adaptability of ProCut Easy cookers stimulates creativity in the kitchen. This flexibility translates into a competitive advantage for food producers eager to stand out through innovation and qualitative excellence. We put the performance of our machines for the preparation of béchamel to the test.

Our expectations for the success of the béchamel sauce

A delicious béchamel sauce is characterized by several characteristics that make it a pleasure for the palate: the creamy, smooth and velvety consistency, the delicate aroma and the uniform preparation. Our goal in creating it was to develop a traditional, easy and quick recipe, which preserved the distinctive creaminess of the béchamel.

Our preparation process

Through the industrial cooker, the experience of use is efficient and controlled. Here are the steps that highlight the simplicity and effectiveness of ProCut Easy:

01.Loading of Milk and Fresh Cream

02.Loading of Butter

03.Loading of Corn Starch

04.Salt loading

05.Mix ingredients and heat to 78°C, cooking at 87°C for 20 minutes and cooling at 45°C for 15 minutes

06.Adding Nutmeg

07.Result in 35 minutes

08.Product unloading

In 35 minutes of processing we obtained a homogeneous, smooth, lump-free, fresh and high-quality bechamel ready for the next production or packaging phase.

Advantages in using ProCut Easy industrial cookers for the production of béchamel sauce

Cutting and Mixing Efficiency

ProCut Easy demonstrates efficiency in cutting butter and mixing other ingredients to ensure a smooth consistency.

Gentle heating

The delicate heating of EasyCut allows you to optimally preserve the organoleptic profile of the product, avoiding browning and sudden changes in heat between the product and the wall.

Process Control

Each phase of the process is precisely controlled, allowing optimal management of ingredients and preparation times.

Why has the use of food processing plants been a success?

In conclusion, the versatility of ProCut Easy is confirmed as ideal for the preparation of bechamel and other creams and sauces. Its combination of advanced automation and customization capabilities offers elasticity in food production. The quality of the results obtained, combined with the speed of the process, makes the recipes easy to manage for simple implementation.

Is ProCut Easy right for your needs?

Explore the potential of ProCut Easy industrial cookers for food production. Discover all the technical details and contact us for personalized advice.

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