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promix mixing system for brine and syrup

ProMix Mixing System for brine and syrup

ProMix Mixing System for brine and syrup can perfectly mix multiple types of additives, starting from low viscosity to products that are highly difficult to dissolve.

Depending on the requirements ProMix Mixing System can be designed with special tanks, hoppers and more. This type of equipment represents the essence of Inox-Fer, in other words top-level customization to meet customer needs.
The principle behind the operation of the machine consists of a centrifugal pump that draws fluid from the tank creating a double Venturi effect under the hopper. The product contained in the hopper is forcefully drawn in and pushed into the liquid at a very powerful rate in order to ensure a perfectly homogeneous mixing of the product. Once the product is dissolved the mixture is kept in recirculation inside the tank for a few minutes. The mixture is then transferred by the same pump to its next destination, thereby eliminating the need for a second pump.

promix mixing system for brine and syrup 3d drawing

Tailor-made ProMix Mixing System for brine and syrup

Why choose ProMix Mixing Systems?


Safety is not a slogan. It's the choice here. For this reason, the hopper has been designed to such a height that the operator can easily empty the ingredients. When comparing our solution to that of our competitors we find our design for dry ingredient loading to be the best ergonomic approach in the market.


ProMix Mixing Systems are designed with a high level of technology and automation to facilitate a lower use of manpower and efficient production times. We offer the option to remotely control and manage the system for troubleshooting and resolution purposes.

Compliance with market standards and the customer's recipe

Today’s market requires companies to comply with increasingly rigorous standards. To guarantee a solution that can provide compliance and traceability, ProMix Mixing Systems can be equipped with a batch tracking option. In the event that a higher quantity of product has been introduced than the one required, we are able to identify this batch and discard it before it enters the market.

Guarantee of a high-quality product with the minimum margin of error

Our team of experts has developed a solution that allows the customer to weigh the ingredients under 5 kg with no margin for error. Many recipes require small quantities of ingredients to insure exacting finished product requirements. Inox-Fer integrates this extremely important step directly on the hopper surface.


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