company inox-fer

In the heart of the Italian Food Valley

Located in the heart of the Italian Food Valley, Inox-Fer designs, manufactures and sells cutting edge equipment for the food and beverage industry across international markets.
Founded as a manufacturer of mixing systems, today Inox-Fer also delivers advanced cutting and cooking machines.
Inox-Fer solutions are Made in Italy by skilled hands that design and build unique, exclusive machines that are tailor-made to satisfy even the most demanding customers.

Clients who choose Inox-Fer want high performance, reliability, versatility and ease of use. Above all else, however, customers are looking for a tailor-made machine that can guarantee the highest quality finished product.




Food Processing Tailoring

Providing a 100% Made in Italy product synonymous with quality, competence and technology

Offer a complete package of pre and post sales services


Massimo Ravazzini


Courtesy and expertise are Massimo’s keywords. He will provide you with evaluation advice and work with you on the feasibility study of your project.

Matteo Morotti


Innovation and cutting-edge technology are the staples of every project on which Matteo works. Thanks to his precious experience in the food processing industry, he will find the right solution to your problem.

Andrea Iori


Punctuality and artisan wisdom are the values Andrea puts at the customer’s disposal. His experience in the field allows him to intervene promptly even in situations of urgency.

Massimiliano Corrieri


Massimiliano is fully involved in the procurement process of essential goods. The capacity for initiative and the ease of relating with suppliers by choosing the best partner according to the asset are qualities that make Massimiliano an important resource for the company.

Barbara Beneventi


Sales and marketing proficiency combined with Barbara’s organizational talent will provide the best support to the clients.
Spoken languages: Italian and English

Anna Savigni


Anna’s experience is a precious resource for Inox-Fer and its customers. Contact her for any administrative issue or information that you might need.

“Behind every successful business there is someone who has made a courageous decision.”