Double Jacketed Steam Kettle

Double jacketed steam kettle

Our Double Jacketed Steam Kettle is the best solution in the production of products such as sauces, jams, marmalade and seasonings.
This Steam Kettle concentrates, cooks, and de-aerates the product at low temperatures. At the start of the process, ingredients are added to the concentration kettle. Ingredient weight can be managed with a connected mixing tank, or directly managed by the concentration kettle itself.
The use of vacuum processing for operation leads to much shorter production times required than traditional open tank designs. This innovation in process helps preserve the organoleptic characteristics of the final product lending to higher quality.

The equipment is generally a vertical cylindrical structure, with a double bottom for indirect steam heating and with scraping blades in order to avoid burning of the product on the bottom.
In order to concentrate the product, the machine is connected to a high-performance vacuum unit with shell and tube condenser and liquid ring pump.

Product Capabilities

jams produced byDouble jacketed steam kettle

Jams and Marmalades

sauces produced by Double jacketed steam kettle


balsamic vinegar dressing produced by Double jacketed steam kettle

Balsamic Vinegar Seasonings


Some technical features:

Stirrer with scraping plates

Brix control

Ph control

Pumps or trolleys charge

CIP washing system, dosing

Jacketed Steam Kettle Technical data