Industrial cooking kettle for cream preparation – Case Study

Description & Advantages concerning Inox-Fer Industrial Cooking Kettle for cream preparation

This industrial cooking kettle has been designed and manufactured to meet the solve problems concerning the production of several products.

It consists of a new generation vessel tiltable and insulated in order to distribute uniformly the heat on the product and guarantee an energetic savings in addition to a homogenous cooking. Once the product is cooked it is transferred through a receiving vessel with an elevator to the next phase of production.

This process is carried out by through heated water from the jacket where steam flows.

All operations are supervised by a single operator who manages:

  • Raw product discharge
  • Cooking
  • Drainage for the separation of water cooking
  • Product discharge through tilting and automatic supply of the next machine


Cooking time and temperature are managed automatically from the panel in order to avoid human errors.

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