ProCut Easy

The New Vision of Cut. 

ProCut Easy Industrial Vacuum Cooker For Sauces and Jams Production 

The New Vision of Cut. 

ProCut Easy cuocitore industriale per salse
  • Cuocitore industriale per salse ProCut Easy
  • Cuocitore industriale per salse ProCut Easy
  • Cuocitore industriale per salse ProCut Easy

ProCut Easy Industrial Vacuum Cooker for Sauces


ProCut Easy is the new Industrial Vacuum Cooker for Sauces, Jams and Marmalades production.

It has been designed to obtain a high quality finished product starting directly from the raw material, differentiating itself from the competition for the quality of the components and for the completely internal manufacturing.

It is complete with all the features related to industrial production starting with accessories, general ergonomics and the level of automation.

With ProCut Easy you can:

  • cut,
  • mix,
  • cook up to 120°C,
  • homogenize,
  • concentrate,
  • cook under vacuum
  • cool the product.

In this way the product is ready for the filling phase without further steps.


Two models are proposed: 60 liters and 100 liters with an installed power of 28 kW in the first and 37 kW in the second.

A unique machine designed to achieve high quality levels using highly professional equipment.

ProCut Easy Industrial Vacuum Cooker offers the user the advantage of creating exclusive recipes and giving space to their imagination, obtaining a unique product.

All this thanks to the infinite customization possibilities that the Inox-Fer proprietary software and the technology used allow.

Thanks to its versatility, this Cooking Kettle finds applications in many different industries.

Why ProCut Easy Industrial Vacuum Cooker for Sauces is right for You?

Motor in Safe Position

In ProCut Easy the motor is positioned next to the vessel, avoiding contact with any leaks and extending the life of the motor itself.


To speed up the concentration phase for glazes and jams, a cold water condenser has been installed in ProCut EASY which, with a larger exchange surface, reduces preparation times.

Blades for an unparalleled cut

4 blades for a more accurate and homogeneous cut

Minimum maintenance

ProCut EASY requires a minimum maintenance to allow the operator to work without constant interruptions.

ProCut Easy Industrial Vacuum Cooker for Sauces Technical Data 

ProCut Easy Fields of Application

Creams and Sauces

sauces procut industrial cooking kettle

Sauces – Pesto – Mayonnaise – Soups – Baby Food


confectionery-procut industrial cooking kettle

Marmalades & Jams – Glazes – Jellies – Crème Patissière


dairy procut industrial cooking kettle

Analog Cheeses

Lifting and tilting machines for unloading produced in the ProCut Easy

They are designed and built to overturn products stored inside the trolleys to a certain height. Designed to withstand high loads and pressures, they can be equipped with wheels for rapid movement.

Lifting and tilting machines