Rotating Coil Cooker

rotating coil cooker

The need to achieve more efficient production in plants without investing in new processing lines has led to the creation of the Rotating Coil Cooker.
Flexible and effective it can easily be integrated into existing production lines. It’s wide surface area gives it an advantage over other machines, allowing it to treat a considerable amount of product in a shorter time.
Rotating Coil Cooker is ideal for mixing, defrosting and pre-heating diced or whole fruits and vegetables. Mixing, dosing and heating are controlled through a PLC which allows the user to replicate the process automatically. The rotating coil allows optimal treatment of the product while the outer structure mixes the product into a homogeneous blend.

There are many customizations provided, including:

    1. Installation on loading cells
    1. Continuous control of Brix and Ph
    1. Loading with pumps or with trolley elevator


The rotating coil cooker is able to reduce the heat treatment times, jointly reducing to a minimum the mechanical stresses due to the compressions of the product itself on the machine walls. Combined with each other these characteristics allow to obtain a high quality product with a high presence of pieces.
To be able to cook at low temperatures, the machine is connected to a suitable vacuum unit with shell and tube condenser and liquid ring pump.

The structure is made of AISI316 for the parts in contact with the product and the concentrate is automated with a PLC which controls the cycle according to the set parameters and allows the absolute repeatability of the process and dosage.

Easily installed in existing processes, the concentrator allows you to reduce production times and increase productivity thanks to the large exchange surface.

Fields of Application

jams produced by procut omni cooking mixer for small production

Marmalades and Jams

sauces produced by Double jacketed steam kettle


balsamic vinegar dressing produced by Double jacketed steam kettle


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