Client goal

Equip yourself with a system for the preparation of pickle for fruit salad in trays. The pickle is a solution that allows the product to be kept longer.


The pickle manufacturing plant is equipped with an ingredient loading station with a hopper to homogeneously dissolve mainly citric acid and sugar in water.

The dissolved quantity of both ingredients is below 1000kg/h and the suitable system for a low viscosity final solution such as that of the preserving liquid is the DR model.

The mixing plant is equipped with a thermal conditioning unit which allows the positioning of the product in the tray at a low temperature.

The customer requested a system that would allow him to work automatically.

The system consists of two tanks; the phase of dissolving citric acid and sugar in water takes place in the preparation tank while the storage tank pours the tray.


  • Ease of use
  • Flexibility
  • Automatic production process

All this has allowed the customer to fully exploit the plant for the preparation of pickle.

More info about pickle manufacturing plant

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