ProCut System Industrial Cooking Kettle 

All you need.

procut cuocitore industriale
  • ProCut Cuocitore industriale
  • ProCut Cuocitore industriale per salse
  • ProCut Cuocitore industriale per salse

ProCut System Industrial Cooking Kettle 


The Procut is an Industrial Cooking Kettle designed as a single piece of equipment that produces a finished product.

It’s a complete solution for food processing featuring all the capabilities.

The ProCut industrial cooker has been designed to obtain a finished product starting directly from the raw material using a single machine and a single work cycle.
The Procut Industrial Cooking Kettle is the ideal machine for medium and large companies.


With ProCut it’s possible to:

  • cut,
  • mix,
  • cooked up to 120°C (with or without vacuum),
  • homogenize,
  • concentrate,
  • cool.

After this cycle the product can be sent directly to the filling phase.

It comes in three different models respectively with 80, 300 and 500 litres capacity.

Thanks to its versatility, this Cooking Kettle finds applications in many different industries.

Why choose ProCut Industrial Cooking Kettle?

More reliable, than rare. Surprises do not exist with us.

Who else guarantees you a machine reliable without playing surprises? ProCut was not only designed to allow you to create different types of products but to guarantee a smooth production cycle capable of minimizing losses deriving from machine downtime.

Shape matters, vessel too.

The special conical shape of the vessel allows to avoid residues on the bottom and on the walls to allow the unloading and use of the whole product without waste.

A condenser designed for your products.

To guarantee an optimal vacuum concentration, ProCut is equipped with a condenser which, thanks to its size, speeds up the times in order to avoid possible alterations to the organoleptic characteristics of the product.

ProCut Industrial Cooking Kettle Technical Data

Fields of Application

Creams & Sauces

sauces procut industrial cooking kettle


confectionery-procut industrial cooking kettle


dairy procut industrial cooking kettle


Lifting and tilting machines for unloading produced in the ProCut

They are designed and built to overturn products stored inside the trolleys to a certain height. Designed to withstand high loads and pressures, they can be equipped with wheels for rapid movement.

Lifting and tilting machines