ProCut Industrial Cooking Kettle

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procut industrial cooking mixer

ProCut Industrial Cooking Kettle

The Procut is an Industrial Cooking Kettle designed as a single piece of equipment that produces a finished product.

Within a single working cycle, raw materials can be cut, mixed, cooked up to 120°C (with or without vacuum), homogenized, concentrated, and cooled. After this cycle the product can be sent directly to the filling phase.
The Procut Industrial Cooking Kettle is the ideal machine for medium and large companies, and it comes in three different models respectively with 80, 300 and 500 litres capacity.
Thanks to its versatility, this Cooking Kettle finds applications in many different industries.

ProCut Fields of Application

sauces produced by procut industrial cooking mixer

Creams & Sauces

marmalades produced by industrial cooking mixer


dairy products produced by industrial cooking mixer



ProCut Technical data

Lifting and tilting machines for unloading produced in the ProCut

They are designed and built to overturn products stored inside the trolleys to a certain height. Designed to withstand high loads and pressures, they can be equipped with wheels for rapid movement.

lifting and tiliting machine for procut industrial cooking mixer