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Dispersion of starch and additives with Inox-Fer Mixers – Dishwashing soap case study


A few months ago we had the opportunity to test with brilliant results our mixing system for the dispersion of starch and additives concerning the preparation of dishwashing soap. Leading Italian companies in this sector rely on us to dissolve additives and starch in order to carry out a optimal result.


  • During the test our mixing system achieved the following goals for the dispersion of starch and additives:
    Instantaneous and homogeneous mixing
  • Faster time of preparation than the classic agitator

This depicts the versatility of our mixing system in different sectors (food, chemical and pharmaceutical).

The Triblender principle of the TMV model finds full application when it comes to processing and dissolving ingredients such as starches and additives. This also applies to other ingredients characterised by high viscosity and potential lump formation. Since dissolution takes place in the pump chamber, no additional in-line dissolvers or tools are generally required, as well as a second pump for recirculation or to transfer the mixture to another point in the plant.

With the TMV powder dissolver, mixing times are very short and dispersion/solution is instantaneous.

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