Today’s article talks about how to obtain a homogeneous powder milk mixing, some tips that can also be applied in other sectors.

Inox-Fer is a manufacturer of food processing equipment specializing in design and build complete mixing systems. During the years more and more proficiency has been acquired regarding mixers and nowadays we are able to provide some helpful tips for homogeneous food mixing

How to avoid foam

With the open powder suction valve I must have the foresight to have always produced inside the hopper.
Otherwise the dissolving system “venturi ” sucks air that once incorporated into the product will lead to the formation of foam.

Eliminate powder pooling and microbiological growth

Many customers utilize ingredients that tend to stick on hopper wall leading to a dangerous microbiological growth.
Inox-fer has been developed an integrated solution with vibrating system which allows to shake the hopper in order to avoid any possible ingredients residues.
This guarantees a working production without any breaks.
As the need arises for a more hygienic process, a recycling piping may be used to keep the hopper clean and facilitate the ingredients flow.

When you pour the powder into the hopper, dust raises in the surrounding environment?

The answer is simpler than you think: just cut the lower end of the bag before emptying it into the hopper.
That’s why our systems are equipped with a bag holder.

My Problems Do Not Fall Within Those Listed

There are many tricks you can use to improve the production process, call and ask, we will be happy to help.

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