In a context where environmental sustainability is at the centre of business concerns, INOX-FER stands out as a cutting-edge company that embraces the principles of environmental friendliness by integrating them within its production facilities. Our commitment goes beyond the search for performance solutions, embracing innovation and efficiency with a particular focus on reducing production, energy and water costs.

CIP Unit: Cleaning Optimization for Minimal Impact

Our advanced Cleaning In Place Units represent a key point in environmental sustainability. These units not only guarantee a high level of food safety and hygiene but contribute significantly to saving water and detergents. The washing phase, crucial for the removal of allergens and the guarantee of hygiene standards, takes on an even more important role thanks to the CIP Units. By efficiently replacing spray balls, pumps and valves, we reduce waste and ensure continuous, sustainable production.

Advantages of the CIP Unit

The optimized management of the washing phase not only leads to savings in washing water, but also leads to a reduction in waste, an increase in efficiency and, consequently, a decrease in operating costs. The resulting reduction in water consumption translates into an improvement in energy efficiency, with consequent economic advantages and respect for the environment.
unita cip per lavaggio inox fer 1
Cleaning in Place system installed in a plant of one of our customers.

PIG System: Elimination of Scraps and Optimization of Processes

Our commitment to sustainability also extends to the use of PIG systems, a key tool for eliminating product waste and optimizing production processes. These systems, integrated into our process lines, consist of plastic components inserted into the pipes at the end of production. Moved by compressed air or water, they scrape the pipes, pushing product residues towards the desired destination.
The result? An already partially clean pipe, to facilitate subsequent washing phases with smaller quantities of water, lower temperatures and reduced quantities of detergents. The PIG sending and receiving stations, together with the automatic valves, help reduce downtime for product changeovers, further optimizing production processes and generating economic savings.

Looking for sustainable solutions for suppliers and customers

Growing environmental awareness makes it increasingly crucial for end customers to rely on suppliers committed to sustainable practices. We produce cutting-edge systems in terms of performance, with tangible benefits for companies that wish to save money and adopt solutions that respect the environment and contribute to building a more sustainable world.
Our collaborations are born with respect for the environment, both in the search for new suppliers and in the offer of complete systems for our customers. Choosing INOX-FER food production equipment translates into economic advantages and a strong commitment to environmental sustainability.
The use of CIP Units allows significant savings in water and detergents, reducing overall operating costs for food and chemical production. This translates not only into a positive impact on the environment, but also into more efficient financial management for end customers.
Skid stazione di lancio del PIG
Launch station for pigging systems for the expulsion of product residues.