Providing a product that allows the customer to work smoothly for extended periods encourages us to search for high quality components. Following this path, we decided to equip our machinery with cutting-edge touch-screen electric panels.

Electric Panel Description

The new IP66 panel is equipped with a simple and intuitive interface thanks to the use of the 7 “touch-screen panel from which it is possible to view the entire production process.

All the processing phases, from water loading to discard of the final solution, can be managed by the operator, both in manual and automatic mode.


Among the many functions to mention is the pause / work function which consists of cyclically alternating periods of recirculation of the mixing solution to avoid stratifications inside the tank with periods of static pump. Activation takes place after the powder loading phase is over.

Other functionality

The touch-screen is protected by means of a polycarbonate adhesive panel.

The panel has a USB port and an Ethernet connection for linking it to the company network. This allows control of the process parameters, such as quantities loaded and working temperatures, from PC (situated in the office).

At the end of the preparation, the batch data are transferred and integrated with the production cycle, ensuring its traceability.

The light tower draws the attention of the operator in the event of an alarm or a finished cycle.

In addition, remote connection is provided for remote assistance of our technicians who can check for any anomalies and intervene with software changes in real time.

These tools allow machines to take advantage of Industry 4.0.


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