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Inox-Fer developed a fully customized topping preparation system. Below we will explore this product, the characteristics of the system and the plus for the customer.

The topping is used to garnish both sweet and savoury dishes. It finds application in several sectors from pastry shops to pizzerias. The standards imposed on manufacturing companies are increasingly stringent, with the consequent demand for tailored systems for the preparation of topping.


The main ingredients for the preparation of topping are thickeners (such as starched pectin, potassium sorbate, various powdered flavours and glucose syrup, just to name a few).

The common feature of these ingredients is their resistance to homogeneous dissolution using traditional mixing systems, including agitators or venturi dissolvers. For this reason, considering the high quantity of ingredients, TMV Triblender Mixing System is the solution.


The most difficult challenge was to build from scratch a unique system of its kind that unified a series of characteristics:



03.Thermal conditioning

04.Feeding of fruit-based syrup storage tanks in automatic mode

05.Obtaining a homogenous solution without lumps


The goal of the customer was to start a new production process within the company, limiting the use of human resources and increasing the product offer and profitability.

Topping Preparation System Features

The plant is composed of a Double Jacketed Steam Kettle with a Pectin Mixing system.

The topping preparation system is equipped with:

  • series of exchanger for product cooling and heating
  • electric panel for supervising all production cycle parameters
  • CIP washing system with three tanks


The process starts with liquid product loading and then the dry ingredients (pectin, glucose syrup) into the dissolver.

Subsequently, the pectin is loaded into the dedicated mixing equipment via vacuum and heated to approximately 80°C. The Brix degree reached is checked and finally, if necessary, the product is concentrated.

The next phases are marked by a pre-cooling and cooling at about 30°C.

The product can be recovered in the pipeline using water loaded in the Double Jacketed Steam Kettle and volumetric pump with control refractometer at the outlet to discard the product with water before the two storage tanks.


  • Flexibility, can do different quantity of production with the same characteristics
  • High quality product thanks to the recirculating dissolving system and the separate pectin preparation station
  • Possibility of working under vacuum with superior organoleptic quality of the finished product
  • Ability to concentrate
  • Cooling at the outlet to the desired temperature
  • Minimum processing waste with product recovery
  • Entirely washable automatically via CIP
  • Ergonomic workstation of the operator during the loading of the dry ingredients
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