Founded in 1993 in Máriapócs (Hungary), Gloster Konzerv is a canning company that produces and processes different vegetables such as beetroot, pickles and tomato, and canned fruit.

Despite the economic crisis, in 1998 it arrived on the Russian market, considerably increasing its production. Following these successes, today Gloster Konzerv is the first producer on the Hungarian market for processed products.

Inox-Fer built two systems for the mixing, storage and transfer of preserving liquids in 2017.

Two years later we wanted to interview this company to get feedback on the work of our plants. The owner has kindly given the opportunity to appoint Gloster as our client.

Brine Preparation Machine Description

This plant processes 10000 lt / h thanks to brine preparation machine consisting of a tank on load cells. It is connected by a pump to the powder supply line.

As required by the customer, Inox-Fer then integrated two scales for weighing smaller ingredients and ensuring precision. The heating of the product for hot filling is permitted by two steam tubular exchangers.

Benefici per il cliente

  • Reduction of potential errors with the PLC, every operation is guided and controlled

  • High precision of the ingredients dosage with the scales for weighing smaller ingredients

  • The plant is predisposed for powder feeding both manually with operator and automatic with screw conveyor due to the presence of a double loading hopper

  • Continuous feeding thanks to the presence of a buffer tank


Following the purchase of the two Inox-Fer mixing systems, we are able to carry out the production process in less time and with less labour. The quality of the final product is preserved and with a very high standard. During these two years there were 2 failures that were immediately repaired without serious consequences on the production process. We do not have negative notes on after-sales service thanks to the excellent service provided by Inox-Fer. Communication combined with availability are two advantages that distinguish Inox-Fer. The system is still in excellent condition by performing regular maintenance.

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