Dispersion of polymers in water with Inox-Fer mixers – Vinavil case study

Dispersion of polymers – Introduction

The reviews make possible reaching an increasingly public through the simple word of mouth and circulation of an article. This is the vehicle that we think is more coherent to our type of company and we want to re-propose interviewing some of the companies that have become our customers. April opens the doors to an international company Vinavil, the most important Italian company in the dispersal polymer sector, and one of the main in Europe. In Addition, VINAVIL can count on the American establishments of Chicago (U.S.A.) and Montreal (Canada), together with the plant in Egypt-Suez. We are talking about an important reality that we are proud to have become partners with. We thank the direction of Vinavil for giving us this opportunity.

Vinavil comments

Vinavil utilizes DR10CS C12 mixing system to carry out a solution, into water, of powdered hoxidant catalizators that are utilized during the polimeration in an acrylic production line. The mixer has been coupled with an additional pump to carry out continuous feeding in our production process. The DR10CS Dissolver is used to charge, in water, the powdered monomers in our dissolver. We got in contact with Inox-Fer trying, on the internet, a machine to mix dust in water. The factors of choice that have engraved on the choice of the Inox-Fer machines were mainly the customisation of the machine, the ability to answer the problems emerged and the full willingness to try the machines that offered us. Moreover, the machines were functional to our purpose: to move the dust in sacks from the ground and in an ergonomic way. The head of the department instead tells us about the functionality of machinery:
Removed the first dissolutions, where the staff had to become familiar, there were no major problems. The system is effective in dissolving and is rather easy to keep clean; I expect that in its use things can only improve.

More info about Mixing System

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