What does Food Valley mean?

They say both the gastronomic treasure of Italy (interesting the article dedicated by a journalist from Forbes), the casket where are collected, as if they were essences, the basic foods and preparations of the Italian boot.

As a company operating in this wonderful area we truly believe in these words. We add that the value of the food produced correspond to full trust in those who produce it and distribute it, as well. In other words, social actors are an integral part of this success and determine the conditions for the production of high quality food products.


Talking about numbers, it is Emilia Romagna, the Italian region with the highest concentration of DOC and PGI products in Italy. There are as many as 43, all very different, from the sea to the mountains from the plains to the cities; a sector that in Italy is worth 132 billion in turnover and has a great engine in exports.
From Parmigiano Reggiano to Prosciutto di Parma, from balsamic vinegar to Piadina from Romagna, from Cotechino from Modena to Mortadella from Bologna, to filled pasta, wines and Sale di Cervia, big names and big brands of agro-food, tradition of a ‘know-how’ that from the earth to the table is synonymous with quality and excellence.

“A significant part of that made in Italy that is more and more required in the world was born in Emilia-Romagna. Food and wine excellences and big brands – said the President of the Region, Stefano Bonaccini, – who talk about our land, its values, his know-how. Already today, agro-food is a fundamental voice for this region, not only for turnover, but also as a source of good employment “.

The distinctive feature of this area is not only the quality of the products but also the quality of the production methods.
We want to make this aspect our own for the simple fact that in a world increasingly dominated by the logic of commodities we are able to respond to those who ask for skills, product knowledge and safety.

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