With the post-pandemic recovery, the whole world got back into gear at the same time generating demand for goods and a rush to storage.


In the current market scenario, therefore, producers compete to grab as many resources as possible.

This frenzy leads to various problems for all mechanical engineering companies and beyond: shortages of materials, troubled logistics and price spikes.

Obviously, it was a series of factors that brought us to the edge of the ravine.

The first domino, trying to simplify, was the total blocking of activities due to Covid. The stop was followed by a particularly harsh winter that emptied gas stocks almost everywhere.

Among the industrial products most under pressure are copper, iron, steel, plastic and cardboard for packaging, lumber, semiconductors and unfortunately many others.

The outlook for 2022 does not seem to improve.

Analysts believe that this phenomenon will continue and, indeed, will be further amplified, also driven by the immense demand from emerging countries such as India and by the conversion of the economy to green technologies that many industrialized countries are aiming for (which requires, in turn, many raw materials.)


A look at the new year and medium to long term planning.

In the face of all this, what can be a valuable contribution?

Our flexibility and rapid reaction to market variability have allowed us up to now to respect our commitments with our Italian and foreign customers.

We strongly recommend, for the coming year, a medium-long term order planning as a mutual aid to optimize material flows and delivery times.

Your trust in our professionalism is a great gift for us and we take the opportunity of the upcoming holidays to thank you for choosing Inox Fer.


May the Christmas atmosphere give you serenity.

Sincere greetings from all our staff!

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