Traceability For Food Processing – Foreword

Traceability for food processsing represents an important subject nowadyas. In a globalised world where the products information can be easily gathered it is almost mandatory to speak about the traceability. This aspect depicts a passport that contained the “life” of an ingredient. This passport include not only the transport history, but the most meaningful events of its production, distribution and the complementary ones.

In other words it’s possible to build all the food steps from upstream to downstream processing, from the collection to the final customer, passing through the transformers and distributors. All information gathered during this path are necessary to develop the food documentation. This record allows to guarantee a continuous transparency and safety of the food that are placed on the market.

What Traceability Means For Inox-Fer

The traceability is in force and mandatory in the European Union since 2005 and we, like Inox-Fer, through data storage systems on electronic archives, are able to offer a high level of safety. Each unit of food product is equipped with a tag on the label that identifies it by associating a code. The tracking device are associated with a specific operator and laboratory, arranged in areas of the process suitable for tracing a specific phase, able to read the identification code of the single product and transmit it to the platform. In this way it is possible to trace the eventual error and the cause by removing from the market the “damaged” batch  without affecting the production of an entire working day.

Our machines (like mixing systems and ProCut) make use of the following combination; more precision = less losses. The traceability allows to respect the market standard being more careful on the ingredients selection to utilize, providing the best product and avoiding to generate losses that could damage the business.

A service in line with the customer needs is that offered by Inox-Fer; evolve in order to provide the most responsive product to the present day.