Packtin is an innovative start-up who recovers agro-food scraps to turn them into raw materials for bio-plastics and for the realization of coating to be applied to the fruit & vegetable industry. Packtin knew Inox-Fer in 2017, thanks to their reputation for the technology and high quality machine manufacturing, a view shared by other food companies with which Packtin collaborates.

logo packtin


We have realized a system tailored to Packtin’s needs; a mixer designed for the hydrocolloid dressing preparation at high concentration enriched with natural substances for the post harvest conservation of several fruit & vegetable products.

Feedback after two years

“The mixing system for hydrocolloid dressing works smoothly and fully meets expectations. The materials construction are of the highest quality and the design of the geometries is also optimal for the phases of washing the machinery after production. In addition, INOX-fer, with its Know-how on the processing of materials and food machines, has helped us in the realization of the reaction chamber of our BIO-refiner on a prototypal scale, making it possible to refining raw materials from waste. These raw materials are used for the creation of coatings and for the creation of BIO-plastics in the future.”

miscelatore per idrocolloidi scaled
miscelatore per idrocolloidi scaled