Vacuum Cooker ProCut Easy – Preamble

Last April 2022, on the occasion of the latest edition of Anuga Food Tec in Cologne, INOX FER presented a new production process ProCut Easy Vacuum Cooker, born from the artisan wisdom that has distinguished the company for many years.


ProCut EASY is the name of the unique Vacuum Cooker,  built by expert hands and designed to achieve high quality levels.

All in one multi-purpose vacuum cooker, 100% made in Italy, in the 60lt or 100lt version with power of 28kw in the first model and 37kw in the second.

One of the many advantages is a structure and an instrumentation designed for industrial use, which guarantees reliability and long life.

The condenser inside allows to obtain excellent vacuum cooking with reduced times and temperatures; the “plus” of 4 blades offers a highly accurate and homogeneous cut.

The user is granted the advantages of creating exclusive recipes, thanks to the infinite possibilities of customization with the proprietary Inox Fer software and the technology used.

LFR22011D00038 1 scaled


Some applications:

  • sauces
  • pesto
  • jams
  • fruit puree
  • creams
  • cheese
  • balsamic vinegar glaze
  • whatever you want.

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