Nowadays Inox-Fer Mixing Systems are used in several fields of application thanks to the capabilities of our team to understand the needs of customers and provide the solution to their problems.


Lots of companies contacted us about a way to eliminate undissolved solids into the final product. This problem concerns dry ingredients such as xanthan gum, flavors, spices and pectin generally. Tanks equipped with agitators, most of the time not efficient, lead to a not homogenous mixing with clogging. The thickeners dumped into the tank are not properly dispersed and the solubilization is not instantaneous considering the poor mixing of the agitators usually propeller and with the handling structure in the bottom of the tank.

The consequence is a final product not in line with the qualitative and market standard requested. This is due to the use of poorly performing tools such as traditional tanks with agitators that do not allow homogeneous mixing and consequently an evident presence of lumps.

The thickeners poured into the tanks are integrated into the liquid but given the poor mixing functionality of the agitators (usually with propeller and with the handling structure in the bottom of the tank) they are not perfectly incorporated.

This leads to a final product that is not in line with the required quality and market standard.


To overcome this mixing problem Inox-Fer provide a system in which the powder is dumped into a hopper at the operator’s waist.

Thanks to the depression generated by the underlying centrifugal pump and the force of gravity, powders are conveyed from the hopper to the opening of the centrifugal pump chamber entrance, where they meet the liquid, which enters tangentially. Inside the chamber, at this point, the centrifugal force generated by the rotating blades mixes and pushes the blend through a specially designed honeycomb filter that atomizes the mixture homogeneously, avoiding clots. Once the product is dissolved the mixture is kept in recirculation inside the tank for a few minutes in order to ensure a perfectly homogeneous mixing of the product.

There is not only an improvement from a qualitative point of view but also in terms of timing in obtaining the required final product.

The formation of lumps  is a problem solved in no time thanks to the TMV Inox-Fer dissolution system.